Apple Beats X Review

“The Beats X is a comfortable, lightweight, water-resistant, neckband-style Bluetooth headphone with a secure in-ear fit and good sound quality. It pairs instantly with Apple devices, rolls up to fit in an included carrying case, and charges quickly via Lightning, not MicroUSB.” –

The Beats X by Beats by Dre is a bold new product for what has quickly become a traditional headphone maker. The Beats X borrows much from its predecessors – such as no-tangle cable and stellar compatibility with iOS devices – while carving out its own niche as one of the first balanced pair of headphones from the low-end loving company.

Beats X has two new design features that set it apart from other headsets on the market: Quick charge and Apple’s new W1 wireless chip. Quick Charge, a feature which allows your new ‘buds to last up to two hours off a single five-minute charge and, The W1 wireless chip, which helps the headset sync up seamlessly to iOS devices and helps preserve battery life. Holding an unpaired Beats X next to iPhone brings up a prompt asking you if you’d like to pair the headphones. This works with any number of iOS devices including Apple Watch and iPads.

There are many cool design features with the new Beats X that many audiophiles will appreciate.  For a price of $149.99, you to can join the newest “coolness” to the Beats lineup.

Below is a video review of the Beats X from UrAvgConsumer, hope you enjoy.

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